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New NVIDIA License Portal – How to create new licenses

Some of my customers called me, because the NVIDIA License Portal (http://nvidia.flexnetoperations.com) wasn’t working and they can’t create new license files required for updating the NVIDIA release in their environment.

I decided to to create a license file for my Homelab first to see why they can’t create new license files. I started browsing http://nvidia.flexnetoperations.com like it has been before, but unfortunately the site is not reachable anymore and no redirect is implemented:

The next thing I’ve done was to take a look into my NVIDIA account. After a click on the license portal shortcut I’ve been redirected to the new NVIDIA licensing page which can be directly accessed via https://ui.licensing.nvidia.com.

At first glance it is modern and more clearly arranged than the old license portal. One of the first (and needed) things I’ve observed is that registered License Servers can be deleted which wasn’t possible before without contacting the support.

The next step was to add my new Entitlement ID to add new licenses…BUT there is no possibility to add new Entitlement IDs to the license portal…let’s start searching how to do it.

After investing some time to figure out how to add new licenses to my license portal I found a way to do it in a document provided by Dell. To add new Entitlement IDs I had to go to https://enterpriseproductregistration.nvidia.com/?LicType=Commercial&ProductFamily=vGPU and enter all information marked with a red asterisk whatever if there is an existing Enterprise Account or not. After submitting the form I had to wait some time until someone from NVIDIA added the licenses to the portal.

After that the new Entitlement can be found in the NVIDIA license portal. Finally I was able to to create a new license file and update to the newest NVIDIA release.